Celebrity Activist Emma Watson Wore Recycled Plastic Bottles To Met Gala?

May 04, 2016


Emma Thompson in recycled plastic bottles at Met Gala featured by Fed By Threads

When we think of plastic bottles, one more easily may conjure up a nuisance bombarding the world's landfills than a fabulous dress for a fancy gala. But celebrity-activist Emma Watson did just that, wearing a glorious dress made from recycled plastic bottles!

We have been carrying recycled plastic bottle fibers in our shop for years and it never ceases to make people's jaw drop at how soft it can feel. Frankly, our most popular sweatshirt that harkens back to the flashdance days of the 80's is made precisely out of other people's plastic rubbish. 

But what I like most about Emma Watson's choice of construction is that she will continue to wear the components in the future: the trousers can be rocked in many outfits, the train will convert into a cape of sorts, and the top, well, 'nough said! 

Emma Thompson in recycled plastic bottles at Met Gala featured by Fed By Threads

More and more people are becoming aware that we are taking a massive toll on the environment. It is no longer about hippies saying "peace" and hugging trees, so when mainstream folks see a beautiful celebrity like Emma Thompson wearing recycled poly or RPET as we know it, it begins to normalize "environmentalism" just a bit! 

Many of our customers may not actually consider themselves die-hard environmentalists or even particularly "green" but what they are learning in our shop is that sustainable organic materials in fact feel incredible, soft, and luxurious on their skin! So why not?! 

We commend Emma and the rest of the "green" celebs at the Met Gala! Keep leading the charge! 

Fed By Threads is the first multi-brand sweatshop-free American-made sustainable clothing store and custom printed t-shirt service that feeds Americans in need from each garment printed. 


First Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Second Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.

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